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Every NFL Team’s Most Nonsensical QB/RB/WR Roster Move This Offseason

18: Jacksonville Jaguars: Letting Robinson And Hurns Walk, Signing Donte Moncrief

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The Jaguars are the next team in the AFC that can be a potential dynasty with the right pieces in place.

The Jaguars did lose a couple of wide receivers in the off-season, but decided to add Donte Moncrief.

Moncrief spent many years with the Indianapolis Colts and now he will be a part of the Jaguars wide receiving crew. Why does Moncrief sound like a bad signing? Well, the Jags let their top two wide receivers walk away in Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns, and replaced him with

17: Kansas City Chiefs: Signing Sammy Watkins

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The Kansas City Chiefs are a team that are going through a transition at quarterback. Alex Smith is now in Washington and it seems like Patrick Mahomes is the guy for the foreseeable future. So the Kansas City Chiefs want to continue the signings to become competitive in a tough AFC West division.

They went out and gave Sammy Watkins a pretty expensive contract, especially considering Watkins has not been healthy for a full season and is incredibly inconsistent. Perhaps they figure Watkins will be the downfield threat Mahomes needs, but they should’ve looked for a veteran who’s more reliable.

16: Los Angeles Chargers: Signing Geno Smith

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The Chargers are a team that has relied heavily on the arm of Philip Rivers for a number of years. They have some wide receivers in Keenan Allen and Mike Williams that can move the ball down the field. Rivers will still be the quarterback for the next few years, so why is Geno Smith in the fold? Smith has failed as both a starter for the Jets and as a backup for the Giants. Smith seems like he doesn’t fit into the majority of throwing style of offense the Chargers have with Philip Rivers.

15: Los Angeles Rams: Signing College QB As A RB

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The Los Angeles Rams are a young team, from their skilled position players to their head coach. The Rams have one of the top running backs in the NFL in Todd Gurley who was considered one of the top candidates for the MVP award. The Rams also went ahead and signed undrafted free agent Nick Holley. It’s a little strange Holley, a QB in college, would be signed as a running back by a team loaded at the RB position.

14: Miami Dolphins: Trading Jarvis Landry

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The Miami Dolphins have the hard task of trying to keep up with the Patriots year in and year out. One of their brightest spots the past few years has been Jarvis Landry who does nothing but catch a ton of passes, making life easier for any quarterback playing with him.

It was odd that they chose not to sign Landry to a long-term deal and instead traded him to Cleveland.

They brought Danny Amendola in as his replacement, someone who is older and not as explosive. Amendola also hasn’t proven to be dependable when away from Tom Brady.

13: Minnesota Vikings: Signing Kendall Wright

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The Minnesota Vikings are a team that have a lot of solidified pieces back from last season and even upgraded considerably at quarterback. The wide receiving core is back as well. They signed Kendall Wright but seem to have him in a backup role primarily. They have Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs coming back with Kyle Rudolph as a tight end option with the passing game as well. Wright is considerably an interesting signing, and in more of a bad way than good. They could have made a better signing.

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