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Every NFL Team’s 2018 Uniforms, Officially Ranked

The NFL’s uniforms underwent some minor tweaks in the past couple of years, so looking at them now, who has the best set of unis?

Uniforms in sports are always a major symbol for a team and for a city and some of them are legendary and have passed through the years without any major changes made to them. We can just think about the uniforms of the New York Yankees with their famous pinstripe uniform with no name in the back and many others team in the Major League baseball who never changed their look since they began to play many decades ago.

The same thing can be said in hockey with the iconic jersey and colors of the Montreal Canadiens or the jersey of the Toronto Maple Leafs and many other teams of the NHL’s original six era. Some uniforms are just so special that they are able to give memories to a lot of people just when they look at them. They are a symbol of memorable glory or sometimes heartbreak.

In the case of the National Football League, each of the 32 franchises has their own uniforms and design and some are surely better than others. While some teams made some significant changes over the years, other teams have stayed with the same style for good reasons and are now recognizable with it. For the 2018 season, three teams have decided to opt for a new look. This list will be a ranking of every NFL team’s uniforms for the 2018 season from the worst to the best. You will find some unique looks on this list and others looks that some teams and fans would like to forget.

32:  Cleveland Browns

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

So far, these jerseys have been a symbol of futility and to boot, the Browns just revamped their uniforms a couple of years ago. The colors are not really appealing with a lot of dark brown on it and it’s just doesn’t look very good all together. Their white away jersey is a little bit better at least but Cleveland has been the NFL’s worst team for a long time and the fact that they have very ugly set of jerseys too doesn’t have help everyone to love this team.

31: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Another team that just changed their look a couple of years ago, the jersey of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a mix of a lot of different colors and putting all together this made a very weird combo. There is grey, red, and even a little bit of orange as an homage to their past, but it just doesn’t click when it’s all put together. The pewter pants on the home jersey are also very bad and I will never understand why they chose to put this color there. The red pants on their color rush unis are way better.

30: Cincinnati Bengals

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Everything is ugly about the jersey of the Cincinnati Bengals. Their famous stripes to try to recreate the design of a tiger on the helmet was already a very bad idea but they also decided to add the stripes on the main jersey and on the pants too.

The orange is way too much present everywhere and this doesn’t look good at all.

I can understand that they tried to create something unique, but they should think about a redesign very soon!

29: Philadelphia Eagles

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Green can be a really great color to put on a sports uniform sometimes, but this is clearly not the case with the Philadelphia Eagles. The type of green that they use is just too dark for the eye and if they really want to use a dark uniform they should stay with the black uniform instead of this shade of green. This is very unfortunate because the green on the helmet with the white eagle wings looks great and this could have been just enough in term of green. Perhaps the Eagles should return to their old kelly green unis.

28: Los Angeles Rams

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Due to the Rams having altered their uniforms recently, and the NFL implementing a rule that teams can only change their uniforms once every five years, the Rams are in an awkward period. Following their move to Los Angeles, they wanted to revert to their old school look of blue and white, but for now, they’re stuck with the color only on their helmets and pants. They’ll have to wait a couple more years before they can change their jerseys to match the rest and right now, it looks like a failed art project. The Rams should’ve just waited until they were allowed to change their entire look, instead of going with this weird mashup.

27: Jacksonville Jaguars

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It seems that the Jaguars change their jerseys every opportunity they can get. The Jags decided to change their look again for 2018, reverting back to their old colors, under a more modern look.

At least they did away with the half gold helmets, which just looked weird.

As for the rest of the uniforms, they really could’ve just stuck with what they had last season. The white jerseys look sharp with black pants, but the all-teal look is a little too much.

26: Carolina Panthers

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The logo of the Carolina Panthers is one of the most beautiful in professional sports and one of the best in the NFL. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot really be said about their famous black and blue jersey. It’s just a too much simple design for me and there is nothing really awesome about it that adds something different. The pants, however, are very crisp and have matching colors of the helmet with a beautiful grey. The Panthers, now under new ownership, should probably explore a re-tooling of their jerseys.

25: Atlanta Falcons

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have pretty much kept the same design for the past 15 years, with the only tweaks coming in the pattern on their pants and how they match with their home uniforms. Their recent color rush unis and their throwback look has been re-introduced in the past couple of years. The uniform could mostly use a tweak on their away white jerseys, as the all white look with a black helmet doesn’t look sharp. They have the colors right, but they should use them better.

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