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Every NBA Team’s 2018-19 Jersey, Officially Ranked

12: Washington Wizards

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

You know John Wall wasn’t going to sign a big contract with a team with ugly looking jerseys. In the capital of America, the Washington Wizards represent the United States in a flashy way.

With the red white and blue stripes, it’s a stylish way to represent the U.S.

While they do represent the country, it’s very subtle. There’s only one strip across the stomach and then a different color on the shoulders. It’s a pretty cool style with patriotic colors.

11: Chicago Bulls

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Something about the Chicago Bulls jerseys have always stood out. It might be because of Michael Jordan and what he did in that Bulls jersey that makes them so iconic. They won’t ever have nicer jerseys than the old school black ones with the stripes, but the current ones are pretty much the same, with minor tweaks. Wearing a Bulls jersey always feels like a throwback, mainly because most Bulls fans wear Jordan jerseys. There’s just a nostalgic feeling wearing one of them.

10: Portland Trail Blazers

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Originally, the Portland Trail Blazers were much lower on this list. But if they moved on with those jerseys with the stripes on an angle, this team has some of the nicest jerseys in the NBA. And straight up, the red jerseys with the black stripe on an angle is probably a top three nicest jersey in the NBA. And also, the rip city jerseys are pretty different too. For some odd reasons, the lower-case letters across the front are a unique change.

9: Oklahoma City Thunder

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Disappointment is one way to describe the 2017-18 season for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Even with acquiring Carmelo Anthony and Paul George, this team was one and done in the playoffs to a rookie team. But one thing that can’t be taken away from them, is their nice jerseys.

The new OKC jerseys are a lot more modern, and look really sharp.

For a team that had two new stars coming to play for them, they needed to upgrade their style for game day.

8: Minnesota Timberwolves

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When Nike was creating the Minnesota Timberwolves jerseys, they had to have been looking at the Seattle Seahawks jerseys. The Timberwolves jerseys are basically the Seahawks jerseys of the NBA. They even have themselves a neon green jersey. But let’s face it, the Seahawks have one of the nicest jerseys in the NFL, so obviously using the same color pattern would give the Timberwolves pretty nice jerseys. These colors don’t work as well in the NBA, but they are still really good looking.

7: Indiana Pacers

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Yellow isn’t the sharpest color, but Nike made the color look suitable with the Indiana Pacers jerseys. The Pacers jerseys honestly look like a Jordan type of style, which is different than what the rest of the NBA is wearing. Having the team name surrounding the number on the front of the jersey is unique. Just the way the jerseys are with that style and colors make it so unique and original, and worth buying. Even if yellow isn’t your color, these jerseys are too tempting not to get.

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