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Every MLB Team’s Leadoff Hitter, Officially Ranked

6: Adam Eaton/Trea Turner – Washington Nationals

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Although the Nationals have gotten off to a slower start than they’re accustomed to, it isn’t due to the play of their leadoff hitters. Although Trea Turner gets the bulk of the leadoff starts, it’s hard to leave Adam Eatonunmentioned since he also gives a solid contribution as the leadoff man. They’re both flirting with .300 averages and together they help give the Nationals a chance to produce offense regardless of who they decide to put into this spot in the lineup. With this amount of seamless continuity at the top of the lineup, it’s surprising that the Nationals are standing in the middle of the pack in offense this season.

5: Albert Almora Jr. – Chicago Cubs

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The Cubs have one of the best records in the National League heading into the second half of the 2018 season for a reason. This is despite the fact that they haven’t spent much time in first place this season. Part of the reason for this has been the leadoff work of Albertn Almora Jr.

As a team, the Cubs rank near the top of just about every offensive category in baseball. This has been made possible thanks to a strong leadoff contribution from Almore during the 2018 campaign.

He is hitting over .300 and is doing a great job of getting an already potent Cubs lineup on the base paths and into the win column.

4: Dee Gordon – Seattle Mariners

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Dee Gordon is a classic base stealing speedster who is a luxury for any team to have on their roster. Not only is he pretty much the gold standard of stealing bases today, he can also get on base at a high percentage and usually flirts with a .300 batting average. Gordon has helped to keep the Mariners close to the mighty Astros in the American League West standings which isn’t an easy task. Gordon’s presence and skill proves what an impact a leadoff hitter can have on the tone of the game.

3:  George Springer – Houston Astros

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Fundamentals are crucial in the game of baseball. However, scoring runs is a good thing too. George Springer may not steal a lot of bases or draw a ton of walks, but he does get on base a lot. He also has a knack for hitting leadoff home runs. Names like Rickey Henderson and Ian Kinsler come to mind when thinking about the leadoff home run. This puts Springer in a unique category among leadoff hitters. Not many of them can do what Springer does. He is one of many reasons why the Astros continue to win a lot of games. He is turning into a perennial All Star and the kind of guy any manager would love to have leading off the game for them.

2: Francisco Lindor – Cleveland Indians

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Francisco Lindor is an excellent young leadoff hitter who is clearly taking advantage of playing on a very good team.

Not only is Lindor a perennial All Star, he is making the most of where he is by generating more plate appearances than anybody in the majors.

This is resulting in runs and high percentages in some important offensive categories. Lindor is the kind of player fans and managers want leading off the game. Lindor has even added some extra power to his game over the past two seasons. He has made a very good Indians team even better thanks to his play.

1:  Mookie Betts – Boston Red Sox

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Mookie Betts not only dazzles fans during the game, he also has a stat sheet that will make a great impression as well. Betts is a perennial All Star who is not only currently leading the league in three offensive categories, he also does all of the little things that a manager would want in a leadoff hitter such as possessing a high on base percentage and effectiveness running the base paths. There is a lot to like about Betts’ game. He is still pretty young too. At 25 years old the best is yet to come for this three time All Star.


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